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About Us
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Pure Pop Cards | Our Story

  We are a family run Aussie company with challenges and opportunities just like any other small company. After traveling to Vietnam, I fell truly amazed by the detail and creativity of these hand-crafted 3D Cards from Thao, our product partner. Then, I brought them back as travel gifts to share with my co-workers, friends, and family back in Australia. After receiving compliments and praises, I spent more time learning to discover more hidden beauty.

 Afterward, we decided to seize the opportunity to do something different. Our goal is to bring to Australia the unique artistic skills of Thao and her wonderful team from Hanoi. Greeting cards are created in the form of 3D greeting cards or Pop-up Cards as they are called today. Besides, Thao’s Hanoi-based business is your typical “new-age business” with a serious social conscience and a desire to genuinely practice wage fairness and give back to the community… especially the children in that local community (which they have done consistently since their company inception nearly 3 years ago).

 Our close friendship with Thao and her team in Vietnam has led to us collaborating in the greeting card business by producing and distributing the quality products exclusively throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. Our local business holds social conscience and a genuine desire to share the success with those more deserving in this world than ourselves. In fact, My 8-year-old nephew, Jez Coney, is Autistic and has dyspraxia coupled with global developmental delays but is my little partner in this Pop-Card venture and my inspiration to also donate a portion of our net earnings to Autism charities in the markets we operate. We sincerely hope that over time, the success of this venture and the partnership with our valued friends in Hanoi, allows us to do a lot more for those disadvantaged autistic kids in our individual communities.

How are the cards made?

The concept/idea for each card starts from our office in Hanoi. Our dedicated digital
designers will sketch and digitally upload the design, which will then be refined and
created as a 3D model. The 3D model will then be sent to our workshop in Hanoi,
Vietnam, where each design gets cut out of high quality paper as samples. These
samples are carefully quality checked and approved by our design team before our
dedicated hand-assembly team put the cards together, with great care, at our main
factory in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam.

1. Designing

We have a young passionate and talented team who are always keeping up with the
latest Pop-up Cards designing trends. From building an idea to turning it into a real
product, our team members always accomplish their job beautifully, and with a
surprising speed. In fact, an idea only takes us between 2-5 days to transform into a
completed stunning design – The fastest turnaround you can find in this field.

We always welcome new custom designs. If you have a cool idea and want to bring it
life at Pop-up Cards, contact us and we will help you with it. From changing the color,
adding text or even making a brand new design of your own. We offer a great
customizing service that will surely satisfy your needs.

2. Product quality

We use the highest quality paper imported from Korea, Japan, and Italy.

Quality control: Our QC team always checks carefully to ensure that all products meet the standard.

Packaging: We pack our Pop-up Cards with care and with the highest standard. Every
50 cards are packed in one small box and there are 50 small boxes in one UPS 5-layer
carton box. We have not as yet experienced any returns, due to our strict quality
control measures

Price: We provide the most reasonable price for the highest quality products. We own
our factory, so we can control both production and logistics. This not only helps us to
keep our price reasonable but also ensures us delivering the highest quality product
to you.

3. Community Profit:

Finally, the biggest difference as a young company is that we always pay attention to
community activities. Pure Pop Cards strongly supports children suffering from autism.
We believe that as a community we are responsible for sharing the burden and
helping others. Pure Pop Cards will contribute towards these children in helping
towards treatment classes and socially integrated projects. Each pop up card
purchased brings a small contribution to our efforts in helping these children, by using
part of our profits to support an educating center for autistic children.