DIY Butterflies greeting card tutorial


This card is the least time-consuming idea to DIY a cute paper gift for your loving ones. It will set you back all of five minutes, honestly. To make it, you’ll just need a folded piece of card stock. Enjoy our blog for simple idea of paper arts.



Next, pull out a magazine and choose a page that has an interesting pattern. I have chosen the diamond below because I know it will contrast well with the dark card stock. Draw a butterfly shape like this on that page, making sure you use a long, skinny rectangle for the butterfly’s body. Don’t worry about making the wings completely symmetrical; this card is appealing because of its DIY nature, and imperfections add personality!


Cut out your butterfly, and it will look something like this:


Fold each wing toward the other wing, making sure you create the fold crease where the wing meets the center {the long, skinny rectangle}. Do not fold or crease the center itself. Once you have done this, flip the butterfly over and put glue on the back of the butterfly’s “body”, like so:



Glue the butterfly to the card, then make a couple of friends for it.



Your card is done at this point, unless you’d like to add something else {a henna design, calligraphy, whatever}! When I send out this type of card, I slightly flatten the wings with my hand so the card will not catch on the envelope on its way in. I always include a little note to the recipient that the butterfly wings will perk up if they are gently squeezed together



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